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Most buses od higher class, intended for transport in tourism, long distance, and even the city, have been built with Telma retarder, as one of the reach of modern technology. Its efficiency increases safety, comfort, on the one hand, and reduces the cost of exploatation and maintenance of buses, on the other side.

Some of the firms we have worked with are: AP Varaždin, Croatiabus Zagreb, AC Karlovac, Atlas Dubrovnik, Panturist Osijek, Polet Vinkovci, Autoprijevoz Vrgorac, Brioni Pula, Alphatours Pula, Generalturist Zagreb, API Tours Ivankovo, Čazmatrans, APP Požega, Samoborček i Autoturist iz Samobora, Meštrović, Slavonija bus, Izletnik Celje, ZŠAM Celje, Alpetour Kranj, Integral Tržič, Globus Maribor, "KUTSENITS Handels und Buskonstruktionsges m.b.H. iz Austrije, and many small private entrepreneurs, who can attest our quality.

In many years of work we have serviced all types of electromagnetic retarders: Telma, Frenelsa, Berger, Freno, even Terca from China.

Today, after 20 years of work, we are still the only one providing servicing and reparation of frictionless electromagnetic braking system in this area.


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